Holiday Hunts
Christmas, Halloween, Easter and More...

Add a holiday hunt to your list of celebration activities. Have your kids search for their xmas gift(s) using our easy Christmas gift riddle hunt. Host a Halloween scavenger hunt for family and friends. Hide your sweetheart's gift on Valentine's Day and search for all things green on St. Patrick's Day.

Holiday Hunt Supplies

christmas gift wrapped in green paper

Christmas Gift Riddle Hunt
Have your kids hunt for their Christmas gift(s) this year by using a Christmas gift holiday hunt. After all the time you've spent wrapping the gifts, it's fun to see the kids have to work a little to find them.

little pink easter egg

Easter Scavenger Hunt
Unscramble words, get signatures and find Easter related items with this Variety Easter Scavenger Hunt.

New 2016 Printable Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

halloween clue hunt

Halloween Clue Hunt
Host some spooky Halloween fun with this Halloween Clue Hunt. Arrange the order of the clues in anyway you wish. It all adds up to a load haunting Halloween fun.

halloween pumpkin scarecrow

Halloween Costume Photo Scavenger Hunt
Search for crazy, fun and unusual costumes by challenging your friends to a Halloween photo scavenger costume hunt. To encourage creativity, add some descriptive costume titles like scariest costume and/or most patriotic costume.

pumkin and black cat

Halloween Riddle Hunt
A challenging scavenger hunt that involves solving riddles before finding items. If you are declared the winner of this Halloween riddle hunt you are truly a super-sleuth in disguise.

(sample riddle: What you get when you drop a pumpkin. answer/item to find: squash)

hallloween bat with outstreched wings

Halloween Scavenger Hunt
This Halloween scavenger hunt includes a mixture of items to find, items to photograph, and an item to create. The list is a mixture of Halloween items, symbols and superstitions.

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