Constitution Scavenger Hunt

constitution scavenger hunt

To complete this constitution scavenger hunt teams will need to dig into their memories or first head down to their local library or internet cafe to determine the items they need to find and bring back.

To be sure the hunt is fair you may even want to either permit or ban use of portable web searching devices unless every team has access to the same technology.

For instance...

Do you know what is contained in the 17th Amendment of the Constitution?

If you were required to find and bring back a picture of the representative of your state referred to in the 17th Amendment would you know who to find a picture of? If not a quick internet search or visit to the library would tell you that you needed a picture of your local senator.

So, call up your friends, meet, divide into teams, give each team a copy of the list below, set a time limit, and let the hunt begin.

Constitution Scavenger Hunt List

  • A calendar page of the month presidential inaugurations were held before the 20th amendment.

  • A label from something that was prohibited by the 18th amendment.

  • A form required because of the 16th amendment.

  • A picture of the woman associated with the 19th amendment who was arrested in November 1872 for voting.

  • Cash in a single bill equal to the amount the 7th Amendment lists as a monetary figure above which the right to trial by jury shall be preserved.

  • A license or photo of a license for something that the 2nd amendment deals with.

  • Picture of the a vice president who became president because of the 25th Amendment.

  • 5 items, each representing a different one of the 5 freedoms included in the first amendment. Be creative with your ideas of items to bring back.

  • A business card or ad for a professional mentioned in the 6th amendment.

  • A map of the state the constitution was signed in.

  • Real or fake coin or paper currency with the face of each of the two US presidents who signed the constitution on them.

  • A picture of the building where the original constitution is now stored.

  • A printed copy of the Bill of Rights.

  • Any coin dated the same year as the U.S. constitution's bicentennial.

Constitution Scavenger Hunt Items

The following are the items that teams will be required to bring back, however, they should only be given the above list as determining the items first is part of the challenge of the hunt.

  • A March calendar

  • A label from an alcoholic beverage

  • An income tax form

  • A picture of Susan B. Anthony

  • A $20 bill

  • A gun license or picture of one

  • Picture of Gerald Ford

  • A religious item, an item representing free speech, a news item, an item representing freedom to assemble, a petition (items depicting freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and freedom to petition)

  • A business card or ad for legal counsel/lawyer

  • A map of Pennsylvania

  • Real or fake coin or paper currency with the face of George Washington or James Madison on it (George Washington or James Madison 2007 $1 coin, George Washington $1 bill, or James Madison $5000 bill)

  • A picture of Fort Knox

  • A printed copy of the Bill of Rights.

  • Any 1987 coin

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