School Staff and Teachers Scavenger Hunt

staff meetingThis scavenger hunt was created to help school staff and teachers become better acquainted with each other. Use it to enhance relationships among your staff. Have fun discovering interesting things about the people you work with.

For each of the items listed below, find one staff member to sign beside the criteria that is applicable to them.

  •  A staff member can only sign on the same sheet once.  
  • For some of the items, the good, better, best factor comes into play (eg. Find the staff member who owns the most pets).  In that case if A finds someone who owns 7 pets and B finds someone who owns 9, B will get a bonus point.
  • Each legitimate signature is worth one point.  Items with a  *  in front of them will allot for bonus points at the end of the hunt.  

Note: If you are unable to download the printable version of this hunt, copy and paste the list below into any word processing program, and add two blank underlined spaces beside each item for a signature and comments.

Printable School Staff and Teachers Scavenger Hunt

School Staff and Teachers
Scavenger Hunt List

01. Staff member who has been employed at the school the longest. * (Note the number of years.)

02. Staff member who has taught in another country. (Note the country.)

03. Staff member who also runs a home business. (Note the type of business.)

04. Youngest staff member. * (Note the age.)

05. Staff member with a birthday in September. (Note the date.)

06. Staff member with a degree in something other than education. (Note the degree.)

07. Staff member who has taught in the most different schools. * (Note the number of schools.)

08. Staff member who owns the most pets. * (Note the number of pets.)

09. Staff member who is taking a course outside of his/her field of expertise. (Note the type of course.)

10. Staff member with the highest SAT score. * (Note the score.)

11. Staff member who has the most siblings. * (Note the number of siblings.)

12. Staff member featured in a local paper in the last ten years. (Note the name of the paper and why.)

13. Staff member who’s worked in the most different departments in the school. * (List the departments.)

14. Staff member who started as a volunteer.

15. Staff member who belongs to a club that requires an annual fee. (Note the name of the club.)

16. Staff member who’s been absent the least in the last 2 years. * (Note the number of days absent.)

17. Staff member who’s won any kind of award in the last 5 years. (Note the type of award.)

18. Staff member who has written any published work - eg. book, article, song. (Note the title of the work.)

19. Staff member with more than one middle name. (Note the names.)

20. Staff member who attended this school as a student.

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