Christmas Classroom Scavenger Hunt

Make the the holiday school season merry and fun with this Christmas classroom scavenger hunt. 5 rhyming clues lead around the classroom to a treat or surprise, which could be anything from a little gift for each student to 15 minutes of free time.

I created this hunt for the Guardian Teachers Network a few years ago. I hope you enjoy using it in your classroom.

Christmas Classroom Scavenger Hunt

Christmas Classroom Scavenger Hunt Instructions

Cut out the clues and hide them around the classroom following the instructions on the free printable available below. 

Have a small treat or surprise waiting for the students at the end of the hunt.

Christmas Classroom Scavenger Hunt Clue #1

'Twas just before Christmas and at the schoolhouse
The only one stirring was Treasure Hunt Mouse
His mission from Santa was carved out in cheese
And this little rodent was aiming to please
He typed out the clues Santa gave him in rhyme
And hid every one in a twinkle of time

Now it's your turn, be sharp and be clever
Solve every clue and you'll find the treasure
Your first clue is hidden where you might toss trash
Hurry and find it as quick as a flash

Christmas Classroom Scavenger Hunt Clue 1

Answer to the above clue: Trash can or recycle bin

Christmas Classroom Scavenger Hunt Clue #2

Look for a place where windows are popping
Where you can do last minute internet shopping
Don't Google the answer; just search the machine
And you'll find a clue very close to the screen

Classroom Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clue 2

Answer to the above clue: Computer screen

Christmas Classroom Scavenger Hunt Clue #3

Flip through the book where students can find
The spelling of reindeer and meaning of kind
Turn page after page 'til you spot the word "sleigh"
Your next clue is there; now be on your way 

Christmas Classroom Scavenger Hunt Clue 3

Answer to the above clue: Dictionary

Christmas Classroom Scavenger Hunt Clue #4

Don't stop to lie down for a long winter's sleep
Don't stop to count sugar plums, reindeer, or sheep
Spring into action, there's no time to spare
Your next clue is hidden beneath someone's chair

Classroom Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clue 4

Answer to the above clue: Chair

Christmas Classroom Scavenger Hunt Clue #5

Now is the time for laughter and cheer
Jingle the mouse says your treasure is near
If we can depend on that grey furry creature
You'll find your surprise 'neath the desk of your teacher

Christmas Classroom Scavenger Hunt Clue 5

Answer to the above clue: Under Teacher's Desk

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