Halloween Riddle Hunt
Solve the Riddle - Find the Item

If you like a challenge, then this Halloween Riddle Hunt is for you. Divide participants into teams and give each team a list of riddles. Teams must solve the riddles and find as many of the items as possible in the allotted time. 

Halloween Riddle Hunt Black Cat and Jack-o-lantern

Hide the items on your property or have the teams go out searching for them in the highways and byways, around town, or house to house. Anyway you choose to play, it will be a challenge to both solve the clues and find the items. (You probably won't have to worry about a tie.) 

So set a time limit, hand out the riddle sheets, and LET THE HUNT BEGIN! The team that finds the most items in the time allotted WINS! 

Halloween Riddle Hunt List

01. What a baby ghost wears on Halloween.

02. What you get when you drop a pumpkin.

03. What you get when you divide the diameter of a jack-o-lantern by its circumference.

04. Dracula's favorite pet.

05. You can tell windows are scared when they get these.

06. The kind of service witches ask for at a hotel.

07. The kind of witch that lives at the beach.

08. A vampire's favorite fruit.

09. What you need to get into a locked cemetery at midnight.

10. What ghosts wear on their feet in the rain.

11. What mummies use to hide themselves.

12. What you get when you cross Bambi with a ghost.

13. What ghosts put on their cereal.

14. A vampire's favorite candy.

15. The kind of makeup goblins wear.

16. What a skeleton orders at a restaurant.

17. What a vampire becomes at a baseball game.

18. A witch's favorite jewel.

19. The kind of music mummies listen to.

20. The kind of patch a scarecrow uses to patch his pants.

Halloween Riddle Hunt Answers

Note: Items to be found that are spelled differently than the riddle answer, follow in brackets (eg. for sand-witch, the item to be found is a sandwich).

01. A pillowcase / 02. Squash / 03. Pumpkin pi (a pumpkin pie) / 04. A bloodhound (real or toy bloodhound) / 05. Shudders (shutters) / 06. Broom service (broom) / 07. A sand-witch (a sandwich) / 08. A Neck-tarine (a nectarine) / 09. A Skeleton Key / 10. Ghoul-oshes (galoshes) / 11. Masking tape / 12. Bamboo / 13. Evaporated milk / 14. A sucker / 15. Mas-scare-a (mascara) / 16. Spare ribs / 17. A bat / 18. A Tombstone (a paper, styrofoam or other decorative tombstone) / 19. Wrap (rap music tape or cd) / 20. A pumpkin patch (a pumpkin)

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