Printable Newspaper Scavenger Hunt Game

newspaper scavenger hunt

For this newspaper scavenger hunt you will search through newspapers (newspaper and scissors will be supplied by your host) to find everything listed below.

Be the first team to cut out all of the pictures, ads, scenarios, etc.

Play in teams or individually. Have sufficient newspaper and scissors available.

Note: Points will be deducted, at the discretion of the host, for missing information due to poor cutting or ripping.

Newspaper Scavenger Hunt List

01. A real estate listing for a home with a pool.

02. A story about someone over 60.

03. A death notice of someone under 30.

04. An ad for a church potluck or bazaar.

05. A contest with a prize worth more than $20.

06. A product advertised at 60% off.

07. A typo or spelling error. (5 bonus points)

08. The photo of a sports hero.

09. A story or ad that makes you laugh.

10. A classified ad for a piece of antique furniture.

11. An ad for a new vehicle priced under $25,000.

12. An article about someone who achieved something significant.

13. A pasta recipe.

14. Create a “new” headline by mixing 2 or more headlines. (NOTE: Bonus points for the funniest and most touching new headline.)

15. A photo of a mouth-watering dessert.

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