Printable Antique Scavenger Hunt List

Nicole from Massachusetts shared the idea of an antique scavenger hunt for couples here. It's a fun idea for those who love shopping thrift stores and antique shops.

Nicole was kind enough to share an image of her hunt, however, several of you have contacted me and given feedback that the image is too small to read and that you would like a printable version of the hunt.

I've done my best to capture as many of the items on her list as I could, but there are some I could not decipher and I had to replace with them with alternate items.

Credit for this hunt goes to Nicole.  I trust my attempt to make it legible and printable for you, will result in lots of exciting "treasure" hunts for previously loved relics.

Antique Scavenger Hunt List Items

Hidden Compartment

Silver Estate Jewelry

Vintage Postcard

Vintage Sunglasses

Christmas Album

8-Track Tape

Porcelain Clown Figurine

Porcelain Ballerina Figurine

Tea Kettle

Embroidered Picture


Vintage Doll

Baseball Cards

Standing World Globe

Vintage Men’s Shoes

Men’s Leather Belt

1940s Stamp

Cuckoo Clock

Old Film Projector

Brass Candlestick Holder

Wooden Wagon Wheel

Vintage Plate

Wooden Sleigh

Antique Radio

American Flag Furniture

Samurai Sword

Rooster Dishware

Old Washboard

Framed Portrait

Wedding Dress

Shag Fur (Anything)

Tin Lampshade

Bowling Shoes

Velvet Pillow

Floral Wreath

Wicker Basket

Antique Trunk

Military Helmet

Vintage Fire Poker

1960s Magazine

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