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Eric's 40th birthday surprise!!

It smells good in here what could it be? I'm not telling but I was the first to see. In order to eat you must find your first clue. Go to Nina's room

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Surprise You're Turning 8!

Hi Sebastian, Mom and Dad wanted to surprise you with a special day for your birthday. Enjoy the Scavenger Hunt. Most importantly have fun!

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Gary's Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Hey Babe! You know who this is from, and you've probably figured it out by now that this is a SCAVENGER HUNT! You know the drill, follow the clues

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Amarachi's 20th Birthday Scavenger hunt

Hahaha! Hello. Welcome to your 20th birthday treasure hunt. treasure hunt: noun A game in which players search for hidden objects by following a trail

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Find a Friend Who... Signature Hunt

Signature Scavenger Hunt ListHand out the list below and give one to each player. Find a friend who ... 1. plays a sport. 2. has the same favorite color

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Olivia's 14th Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt List

Collect: One Carrot A piece of colored paper 1 Paper clip 1 Safety pin 1 Flower 1 Hanger 1 Crayon 1 Tea bag Anything Pink!

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Raphael is 11 Scavenger Hunt

Thank you all for coming today to celebrate Raphael's Birthday. You guys are not babies anymore. You can read, write, think ... so let's use all of that

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Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Clues

Fun and challenging printable indoor Easter egg scavenger hunt with a dozen clues to solve.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

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Romantic Scavenger Hunt and Couples Valentine Scavenger Hunt Clues

Thinking of adding a little mystery to your romantic Valentine or anniversary celebration? Send your lover on a romantic scavenger hunt that leads to you and a night of endless possibilities.

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Jordan's 18th Birthday Treaure Hunt

Today is your birthday, let's start it off right. Ahead to the place we first met on a Friday night.

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Alyese's Secret Santa Scavenger Hunt

Today is the last day of this month long surprise. I hope you have enjoyed this Swifty Ghetto Ride! Your first gift of three will be where you go pee

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The Great Christmas Gift Hunt

Christmas isn't Christmas without a little fun, On your mark get set go, get ready to run Figure out the riddles to find your gift If you really are

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To My One and Only

I would give you the world wrapped in a bow if I could but since that is unrealistic I decided to get you a gift that will knock your socks off! I can't

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Anna's Christmas Hunt

Anna! Find the hiding place of each clue to find a big surprise! Your first clue is hidden under something you sit on. It is brown and Bandit's favorite

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Jared and Company

Here is a fun game just for you and Dad! Now don't you fret, frown, worry or get mad... Not when there's such treasures to be had! Just rub those noggins

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Holiday Scavenger Hunt

What you have to do: You have to go around the front yard and deck and look for what is hidden! Here are some clues! 1. Number 25 (what some fun go

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Hanif's Exciting Christmas Hunt

I know you're going to hate this, So what is the point? But I've still hidden your presents All over this joint. If you want to find them, You're gonna

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Santa Misplaced Your Present

Santa got drunk and misplaced your present! Well it looks as though Santa enjoyed Megan's Vodka and Mince Pies a little too much! After putting the presents

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Your Birthday Gift Hunt

Hi Honey, Happy Birthday! I wanted to do something a bit different to celebrate your birthday this year. To have a bit of fun and extend the smiles

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Merry Christmas G!

G, Here is the beginning of something new. Follow the clues and fill in the blanks to find all of your gifts! Sometimes these men can do almost do

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