Ashton’s Great Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt

by Donna

My pumpkin

My pumpkin

Happy pumpkins hunting my little pumpkin:

There are seven clues you must find that will lead you to your main gift.

Each clue will take you closer to the surprise.

First clue is to look at all smiling pumpkins they usually reveal what they are laughing about.

Second clue - HEHEHE! I know that something is waiting for you. I am unable to tell you what it is, but I can say that the next clue is somewhere Hogwarts.

Third clue - Yes, Ashton, the clue was in Hogwarts, but the Phoenix flew away with it. I did get to see it and it said something about the new building. Do you know what that is?

Fourth clue - The building is slow to build as we cannot seem to find Ashton and she is the lead architect. Look in the water as I saw something floating.

Fifth clue - The fisherman took off with the main gift and said something about hiding it with the OMG girls.

Sixth clue - Doll face had to leave and was saying something about pumpkin bread.

Seventh clue - Did you know that pumpkin bread needs eggs?

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