Happy 1 Year Anniversary - Let Your Adventure Begin.... NOW!

by Rachel
(Illinois, USA)

Happy 1 Year Anniversary Nikki!

Today is a day to celebrate for many reasons! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am loving the life we have created together. Today is going to be a day filled with fun, adventure, love, creating new memories, and most of all... a surprise!

In order for you to find out what it is, you'll need to follow the clues I created. Each one will lead you to your next location until the very end. Here is your first clue.

Clue #1: The Beginning

Remember the first place that we kissed in this house,
That night I knew I was starting to fall in love with you.

Go to that place and look below
You'll find a clue somewhere close
I know, I hid it there.
That clue will lead you to yet another
memory that we have shared together.

I can't wait to share in this adventure together today and watch you find all your clues. I know you are going to love it! Get ready for an amazing day, because you deserve it & more!

I Love You Beautiful

Love Always & Forever,

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