Trish's 30th Birthday Getting Old Weekend!!!!

by Brendan
(Fort Worth, TX)

Welcome to the Trish is turning 30 birthday extravaganza, hoedown, hootenanny, shindig weekend/getting old weekend!

My name is Brendan (your sexy husband) and I will be your guide (super awesome sexy guide) through this wonderful journey and I have planned a bitchin' weekend for you (and me, but mainly you).

During the weekend you won't have to make any decisions because they have been planned out for you (minus taking a crap -- I can't control if you need to take a crap or not -- sorry, gaw).

Below is the itinerary for the trip with all the details as well as what you should bring on the trip.

Lastly, no babies(especially super cute babies)/dogs/dogs that have 6 piles of diarrhea a day/weapons(yes that includes nun-chucks)/grandma panties/any panties/hair above the knees allowed on the trip....and whatever I ask you to say or do you have to do, no questions ask, unless you have a question, or don't want to do it. No exceptions!

Also if you pizza when you are suppose to french fry, you're gonna have a bad time!! Can't wait to spend the weekend with you! Love you!!

List of items to bring:

Some Casual clothes
Some not so casual clothes/semi formal clothes
Some warmer clothes - Jackets, gloves, scarf, etc...
Some super super super casual clothes/no clothes at all - Naw what I'm sayin'!?!?
Red Pen
Bathroom crap
Shackles - Just kidding, but seriously I got em



-I'll pick you up at 3:00pm on the dot. That means 3:00pm on the dot by the way...
-Doing stuff
-Doing stuff
-Doing super private awesome stuff...cough...cough


-Doing super private awesome stuff...cough...cough
-Doing Stuff
-Doing Stuff
-Doing Stuff
-Doing super private awesome stuff...cough...cough
-Doing Stuff
-Doing Stuff
-Doing super private awesome stuff...cough...cough


-Doing super private awesome stuff...cough...cough
-Doing Stuff
-Doing Stuff
-Doing Stuff

PS... Did you really think I was going to tell you what we are doing!?!?! Dumb!

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