The Hunt

by Della

Welcome to The Hunt! Here are some simple rules you must follow, if one of the rules is broken Della will be very mad because she spent alot of time making this.-

Nothing is in Della's, Lewis' or Della's Parents Rooms THESE ARE OFF LIMITS!

Don't Give Up! If you need a hint Della would be happy to help.

This is meant for fun, so HAVE FUN!

Clue #1- Start in the room with the big old chair, from there the clue is 9 paces from were you stand, look all around until you see a profound piece of paper sticking out. Good Luck!

Clue #2- The next clue is a true test of wit, find the speakers and glowing blue lights and from there your next clue awaits.

Clue #3- Sunflowers and locks is were the next clue hiding, nobody knows. Beware of the tile, it can be cold on your feet!

Clue #4- We are drawing to a end we are almost done just look for a Dog who you love. Look close at his green choker and bring me the shiny blue D.

I hope you had fun on this fun little adventure, but now its time to make ice cream with Della. Enjoy your prize!

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