Nature Scavenger Hunt Kids List
Exploration & Creative Fun in One

child detective

Print off a copy of this nature scavenger hunt kids
and then round up the kids and divide them into
teams for a scavenger hunt game that will challenge them to explore and be creative.

Winning is only limited to the imagination and we all
know that kids have the BEST imaginations going.

It is especially fun to have the kids explain their choices later because, trust me, some of their answers will be unbelievably creative. I am always amazed at how well children can stretch the limits of imagination and come up with very reasonable explanations for things that are nothing short of... in adult world... UNBELIEVABLE!

So, be prepared to judge some findings with childlike imagination and may the most creative team win!

Note: This scavenger hunt list doesn't have to be limited to a nature hunt. It works in a number of other venues, including in the house, at the mall, in the classroom...

Nature Scavenger Hunt Kids List

Find and bring back...

01. something that is hard

02. something that is round

03. something that is orange

04. something that is soft

05. something that is square

06. something with holes

07. something that is long

08. something that is ugly

09. something that is plastic

10. something you can rip

11. something made of steel

12. something that is black

13. something you can draw with

14. something that can bounce

15. something that grows

16. something that is scented

17. something you can eat

18. a container

19. something you can write on

20. something that makes noise

Give the kids a time limit. The first team to bring all of the items back is the winner or the team who has the most items when time is up is the winner, which ever comes first.

Let the kids use their imaginations. If they can make an item they find make noise; it counts. If they bring back a leaf to write on, it counts. This list is meant to stimulate their imaginations.

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