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Betty Brinn Children's Museum

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Scavenger Hunt Request:

Children's Museum scavenger hunt for children and adults at the Betty Brinn Children's Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The ages of the children will be 10 and younger. Parents will be possible team members too :)
Michelle ~ USA

A scavenger hunt is a fun addition to a day at the museum. Not only does it help children focus on all the finer details, it also gives them something to do when they have to wait their turn at one of the activities.

This museum hunt is customized for the Betty Brinn Children's Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but can be used as an example to create a hunt for any museum.

There are two parts to this hunt. One is a question and answer page consisting of 20 questions about the exhibits found throughout the museum. The other is a picture hunt that includes graphics of small portions of items in the museum. Children have to figure out what exhibit area the items are part of.

Below are samples of the question and picture portions of the hunt, as well as links to the complete printable lists. Use one or both for your hunt. The picture page will take longer to download, especially is you have a slower internet connection speed.

Please Note: You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view these printable pages, (the latest version is recommended). You can get your free Adobe Reader here (a new window will open so you can download without leaving this page).

Sample Museum Scavenger Hunt Questions

What instrument talks in the It's Artastic exhibit area?

What make of car can you perform tune-ups and maintenance on in the Trading Place exhibit area?

How many TVs are in the WBB-TV exhibit area?

What do you pretend to be when you slide through the giant heart in the My Body Works exhibit area?

What body part is the clock on in the Sounds All Around exhibit area?

Printable Museum Scavenger Hunt Questions

Sample Museum Scavenger Hunt Pictures

Printable Museum Scavenger Hunt Pictures

Answers to Museum Scavenger Hunt Questions:
01. noon / 02. golf balls / 03. drum / 04. 9-1-1 / 05. Saab / 06. Cafe Eat / 07. red / 08. blue (turquoise) and white / 09. eight (8) / 10. shadow puppets and marionettes / 11. Old MacDonald / 12. cow or pony / 13. red / 14. dance / 15. red blood cell / 16. caterpillar / 17. drums / 18. big walk-on piano, electric bass guitar, talking drum, digital drums, percussion cascade, chimes, tubular tunes (PVC pipes) / 19. ear / 20. turkey, horse, lamb, song bird. cow, pig

Answers to Museum Scavenger Hunt Pictures - Page 1 - Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Raceways and On a Roll / Let's Play Railway / Sound All Around / My Body Works / WBB-TV / A Trading Place / WBB-TV / Sound All Around / Betty's Busy Backyard

Answers to Museum Scavenger Hunt Pictures - Page 2 - Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
It's Artastic / A Trading Place / A Trading Place / Sound All Around / Let's Play Railway / My Body Works / Raceways and On a Roll / It's Artastic / Betty's Busy Backyard

Enjoy the museum!

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