Mall Clue Hunt

mall scavenger hunt printable invitation

Use this Mall Clue Hunt to add a bit more of a challenge to to your next Mall Scavenger Hunt. 

  • Teams must solve the clues and bring back the applicable items and photos in a preset time.
  • An item from an incorrect store should be disqualified.

The clues below were created in response to a request for a mall clue scavenger hunt at the Melbourne Square Mall at 1700 West New Haven Avenue, Melbourne, Florida.

If you would like clues for different stores than those mentioned, or a printable list with clues for 10-16 stores of your choice, you can order a custom printable mall scavenger hunt clue list HERE!.

If you would like a printable version of the mall scavenger hunt invitation pictured above simply click on the invitation image and you will be taken to a page where your can download the invitations. 

I am having my scavenger hunt tonite. The clues you sent are perfect! Each girl got a purse invitation card and in it was the info to my sleepover and the "diva" credit card. I can't wait. Thank you for making my hunt extra special. 
Mariela ~ USA

Mall Clue Hunt Clues

01. Get a photo of at least two team member's posing in the coolest hats they can find at a store famous for it's Thanksgiving Day parades.

02. You may think this relative is a little twisted, but get a photo of your team outside of her shop anyway.

03. You might think you'd have to be in jungle to find one of these but see if you can get the cashier to pose for a photo in your team's pick of shady wear at this shop.

04. You might expect to find a little girl's favorite dinosaur at this shop, but instead you'll find many of the things that make little girls nice. Bring back anything with this shop's logo on it.

05. This huge shop is best know for a little coin. Bring back a bag or any other item with this company's logo on it.

06. When you don't care enough to send the very best, go to the fine family competitor's shop and find the funniest 16th you can. Write the text down and give a description of the graphic.

07. Square the 8th and 18th letter of the alphabet and bring back a business card from the business it represents.

08. If you're fast enough runners you won't have to go to prison to get one of these. Bring back an advertising flyer from this shop.

09. Bring back a wrapper from this restaurant chain that won a 2006 Veggie Award.

10. You don't need a key to walk into this shop. Try and get a box from them... the type of box that holds what they sell most of.

11. You might think this company is preying on you, but try and get a photo of a team member in its shop snuggled up to a mannequin wearing something with the company logo on it.

12. There are over 100 different types of one item available at his shop from itty-bitey to full size. Bring back a little bag from this shop. BEWARE: The aroma may tempt you to buy.

13. Get a job application from this store who's name features something you can enjoy in your car.

14. Bring back a sales flyer from this store who's name rhymes with another name for pool.

15. Bring back a business card or a price list from a location where a leading lady might go to get pampered.

16. Bring back a sample from this scrambled two word location... CUREFORREPMEN.

Mall Clue Hunt Answers

01. Macy's / 02. Auntie Anne's Pretzels / 03. Sunglass Hut / 04. Barnie's Coffee and Tea Company / 05. JC Penney / 06. Carlton Cards / 07. H & R Block /08. Cell All Sprint / 09. Subway / 10. Foot Locker / 11. American Eagle Outfitters / 12. Mrs. Field's Cookies / 13. Radio Shack / 14. Dilliard's / 15. Diva Day Spa / 16. Perfume Corner 


You can order a printable custom mall clue scavenger hunt HERE.

Your custom printable mall clue hunts have an order to delivery time of 3 days.

I have written hundreds of clues for popular stores and you will have the option of choosing 10 to 16 stores you would like included on your list. 

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