K.ingsville A.mazing R.ace 2011

by Louise Sala
(Kingsville, Ontario)

We are here to PUMP! YOU! UUUPPP!

You will be challenged!
You will be frustrated!
You will improve your dancing skills!
You will experience the wet and wild side!

Let the webventure begin...

This is not science,
just study the clues
Make sure you are sleuthing
a true gumshoe

The site that you visit
called splitcoaststampers
Will only contain a
part of the answer

Once you have finally
arrived at the site
You'll want to click gallery
to know that you're right

Hit the word search
and type daisynook
You'll see several pages
though it's not a book

The answer you're seeking
is really not hard
You'll find it by looking at
one special card

Find the name of the card
which is third from the end
Click the picture, scroll down,
find the inks used to blend

Print all of this info
in the spaces below
for a clue to direct you
to the next place you'll go

The letters are scrambled
but there's no need to worry
It's five simple words
take time, do not hurry


__ __ __ (__) __ __       __ (__) __ __       __ __ (__) __ __      

__ __ __ (__)       (__) __ __


(__) __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __       __ (__) __ __ __      

__ __ (__) __ __ __       __ __ __ __ __ __ __ (__) __      

__ (__) __ __ (__)       __ __ (__) __ __      

(__) __ __ __ __       __ (__) (__) __

ANSWER: __ __ __ __       __ __       __ __      

__ __ __       __ __ __ __

So hit the field running
go out and explore
It's all about fun
not a tug of war

The next clue to decipher
is written in code
The anagram will help you
to hit the road

The clue you need here
will take you afar
It's what spells out
the acronym K.A.R.

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by: Anonymous

This is hard !!!

Reply: Challenging, but definitely solvable.

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