Internet Scavenger Hunt Code
for Webmasters

All internet scavenger hunt code for the Diva Girl Treasure Mom Internet Scavenger Hunt can be found below. Please choose either one of the the official logos or the text link to display on your site for this link exchange scavenger hunt.

There are also graphics for the prizes being offered which you may choose to use should you want to.

To get the code for the link or graphic you wish to use simply click on Highlight All (under the applicable item). Then copy and paste the code onto whatever page on your site you have chosen to promote the hunt.

If you have any problems, let us know and we'll do our best to help you sort it out. Thanks Everyone!

mothers day prize internet scavenger hunt

treasure mom internet scavenger hunt

mothers day prize internet scavenger hunt

Treasure Mom Internet Scavenger Hunt

treasure mom prize internet scavenger hunt

Every Participant Will Receive the Following Free Ebooks:

cleaning tips and lists
baby shower planning
kid friendly foods and dips

compliments of
Tips to
Organize Life

compliments of
Printable Games
A to Z

compliments of
Cooking Activites

There will be four draw prizes.

The first draw prize will be one (1) Pearl Necklace from Precious China Pearls Pearl and Crystal Jewelry DIY. The winner will be required to submit a photo of herself wearing the pearl necklace for future promotional purposes.

The second draw prize will be one (1) $50 Amazon Gift Certificate from Todays Women and Health.

The third draw prize will be one (1) Change Your Life Challenge 70 Day Life Makeover Program for Women (downloadable ebook and workbook) from Diva Girl Parties and Stuff.

The fourth draw prize will be one (1) $20 US Amazon Gift Certificate from Junior Golf Guide.

The graphics for these prizes are below if you would like to use them.

beautiful china pearls

amazon gift cetificate

70 day life makeover prize

amazon gift cetificate

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