by Pratibha & Adarsh
(We love you)


Come on, we all know how much you love to hang around. As your 20th birthday brings us in a mood to make you do all that you love, let us begin with our “Mission- Get on the run to claim all your gifts & create some real fun."

Go steady, no cheating and SMILE LOADS (We love those dimples).

So, here is your 1st clue:

Remember the place where we first met?
Might not be extra special,
But yeah, dat's when the story of 3 Best Friends began.

Go to that place,
Click a Selfie with the person you see with the balloon,
Only then you get possession of your first present, my toony toon :*

Come on now, Set GOOO!!

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2nd Clue
by: Pratibha & Adarsh

Now that you got this right, be ready for another great "Wohooo"
Coz darling, here goes the second clue:

Your gift is hiding in the place,
Where there is no end to the race. ;)
You get crazy when you enter
Coz there is so much to gather. :P

This be our favorite pastime as "New Bees" in Kolkata.

Go to that place.

Enter the spot you recently claim to be a "fan" of.

Yet again, the person with the balloon deserves a Selfieee.

Get your gift,

Smile, & say Cheeseeee!!!!

3rd Clue
by: Pratibha & Adarsh

Now that you are already here,
How can we not send you to our most visited place

Be it super happy or super stress,
Empty pockets, heavy heart and vella time
That place got everything to witness.

Go there, revive our memories
The special table is waiting with the balloon
A click with your gift,
And it’s all yours. :* :*

4th Clue
by: Pratibha & Adarsh

Ahh it’s getting exciting, hai na? :p

Let me take you somewhere we had not been to many times
But this is somehow special
Coz the foodie that you are,
Not all places have such yummm dosas
Having said that, the destination is not too far.

Well you know how much I love that hairstyle
This be the perfect opportunity to get clicked ;)
Don’t miss the chance,
And ofcourse, THE GIFT :D :D

5th Clue
by: Pratibha & Adarsh

Oh wait, I missed out on something
Think of your last birthday (19th September 2014)
Somewhere in the middle of all hustle
We managed to have some "We-talk"

That table will always be a special part.

Yes, sweets,
I know that you know by now.
So go there
And you already know the tradition..
Enjoy the present :) :*

6th Clue
by: Pratibha & Adarsh

Lsn! You don’t seem to be ready to stop..

We gotta get ready,
Look pretty, eat lots
Dance on the tables
And what not!
(Your 20th ain’t coming back)

SO GO HOMEEEE (Kolkata home, I mean)
But oh, guess what?
We got a surprise there too
So, Hurryyyyy! :P

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