Evan's Exquisitely Exciting Entrance of the World Extravaganza!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HUSBAND! I can't believe it has already been another year. You may be a year older, but you are also a year wiser, more loving, more caring, and of course more handsome.

We are going to start off your birthday weekend with a scavenger hunt to retrieve one of your gifts! But, there are a few rules! Since I know you aren't good with following rules, I'll make them simple:

1. Do not snoop around. Follow only what the clue says or what the clue tells you to do. You will begin with the clue at the bottom of this paper. When you get to the correct location described in clue number one, clue number two will be waiting for you. Repeat this pattern until you reach your gift!

2. Do not skip a clue! If you accidently stumble upon another clue in your adventure, please continue in the correct order.

3. HAVE FUN!!!! I love you, and Happy Birthday!

Here is your first clue!

It's rectangular and rather small and isn't in the house at all! It takes a key to open well and is usually where we find our mail.

2. I'm white, square, and rather clean. I wash your dishes, not your jeans.

3. I was a gift for a different holiday and on me, games you play. If you can't find me at first sight, look closer with all your might!

4. This is where you sleep when I'm mad. You say it isn't comfy, I say it's not half bad.

5. Walk across the hall to the room that we share. Present number one will be waiting for you there.

You have your first present but to get the rest, come visit me at work dressed in your best. If you keep me company then we just might share dinner and gifts at the end of the night.

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