Earth, Wind & Fire Hunt!

Good evening Dr. Shapero - - You are invited on a special scavenger hunt where you will encounter mystery, surprises and love.

Please be patient as this is the first time I have done anything like this before. You might want to begin by doing a quick summary in your head of all the things we've shared together over the past 19 months.

Where was the very first place we had contact?

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by: Miss Treasure Hunt

FYI - - There is some new info added on to some old info in the venue where you first became aware of my existence so check there first and follow your brilliant instincts.

* Remember we may start out easy (with the first few clues) but you can expect it to build and heighten as we go along. When, where, and HOW will it all culminate?

* It would be most helpful if there was a text from you to me letting me know you've received one clue and gone on to the next.

* Always remember and never forget that the real treasure is US.

You've Come Full Circle! Final Hint....
by: Miss Treasure Hunt

Welcome back Dr. Shapero! And Happy Valentine's Day!

Find me (alas, your treasure!) waiting in the last place you'd expect me, but hopefully still the first place you'd most want me.

Unscramble below for hint....

vobae agecoll

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