Camp Stuff Hunt

log cabin

I am looking for a fun outdoor scavenger hunt for 10 year old students. I know this is short notice, but we are taking 18 girl scouts camping and they wanted to have a scavenger hunt. It would be in the woods along trails or near the cabins.
Sue ~ USA

This camp stuff hunt consists of a mish mash list of items that can be found in nature, and in and around cabins or tents.

It has been posted in response to the above scavenger hunt request.

Divide into teams. Give each team a list and a time limit.

The team with the most items at the end of the hunt wins.

Note: This scavenger hunt is suitable for any age group.

Camp Stuff Hunt List

01. A bottle cap

02. A paper clip

03. A maple key

04. An acorn

05. A battery

06. Green Shorts

07. An unopened bag of popcorn

08. A piece of red licorice

09. A piece of pink paper

10. A bolt

11. A straw

12. A 1973 penny

13. A seashell

14. A yellow feather

15. A nail

16. A Trident gum wrapper

17. A safety pin

18. A purple wild flower

19. A cocoon

20. A piece of moss

21. A pinecone

22. A maple leaf

23. A pink stone

24. A red pen

25. A purple t-shirt

26. A kernel of corn

27. A pine needle

28. A thistle

29. A Reese's pieces wrapper

30. A Pepsi label

31. A 1962 dime

32. A candle

33. A popsicle stick

34. An orange baseball cap

35. An apple core

36. A pop can tab

37. A peanut shell

38. A red sock

39. A blue comb

40. A spool of thread

41. A bullrush

42. A fruit pit

43. A blue feather

44. A spider web

45. A Coke can

46. A piece of green glass

47. A bean

48. A piece of brown glass

49. A corn husk

50. A 1983 nickel

51. A calendar

52. A patterned pillowcase

53. A balloon

54. A thumbtack

55. A plastic fork

56. A binder

57. A bud from a tree

58. An apple blossom

59. A leaf of any color but green

60. A piece of rope

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