1st Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

by Baby Doll
(Lovers Lane)

1st Anniversary Romantic Scavenger Hunt

1st Anniversary Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Happy anniversary honey!

You are the best thing that ever happened to me and I am loving the life we have created. I have a special surprise for you to celebrate our 1st year together. In order to find out what it is, you'll need to follow the scavenger hunt clues I created.

Here is your first clue. I can't wait till you find them all and get to the location of your BIG surprise. I just KNOW you are going to love it. See you there!

Your Scavenger Hunt Clue:

Remember the first place that we kissed
Beneath the stars so bright
I still recall your tender words
And how you held me tight

Go to that place and look inside
The hollow in the tree
That we were leaning up against
That night when you kissed me

You'll find a clue inside that tree
I know, I hid it there
That clue will lead to yet another
Mem'ry that we share

Luv ya lots!

Your Baby Doll

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Madisons Birthday
by: harrison

Dear madison
happy birthday
see you at your house for halloween
we trick or treat when its night time
tell your mom'
my yaya and papa are taking me and my brothers to the movies
to see dolphin tale
the dolphin has no tail
a kid makes a robot tale for the dolphin
ask your mom text back
from harrison
i love you

I Miss You!
by: Anonymous

Do you remember the first dinner that we shared together; the two bottles of wine that we drank?

The endless amount of hours that we would spend talking about everything; and nothing?

Remember when listening to music; how easy it was to get lost in the lyrics and the rhythm made us "move".

Do you remember Monsieur Lazhar? That was the best movie that I had seen in a long time and it was because I saw it with you!

I remember that being with you felt like the entire world had stopped and that I was the centre of that world.
I miss you and everything that used to be......Tomorrow is never promised and so today I planned a very special weekend; time for us;time to remember who each of us are and what we mean to each other.

I love you Hamid Mahmoudi; Everyday!

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