- Zunaira's Birthday Treasure Hunt 2015 -



Gooooood Morning Little Sister!!! ☀️😘

Happy Hatch Day!!!! 🐣

... Or should I say happy ZooNaina day ? 😉

A new morning of a New year of your life ! 💃

Do you feel different?



Now you must be wondering what the fresh hell is this???

Well, you see, growing up is tough work. (Being a year older, I can give you fresh details about the year you're stepping into 😁)

You must learn to start working for what you want..

Starting off now.

You want to know what's up?

Are you ready for something new?


You will periodically find random pieces of information in different forms throughout the day.

So keep your eyes PEELED and pay ATTENTION!

Follow the instructions / clues from the info you find.

It will lead you to your... *Drumroll*...


Once you find one item, you will be directed to your next item through more information!


No one can help you.
DO NOT disclose your 'quest' to anyone while you're on it!
You must complete the hunt within 2 hours!
You can't ask me any questions.
No questions, I said.
Take a picture of each milestone and send me immediately to keep me updated.

Love you a million times over ! ❤️

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