Your Special Day!

by Tiffeni

Ahhhhhhh welcome! For your 20th birthday I would like to play a game.

You always say I play too much. Well, why not play a game to live up to that statement. Hahahahahahaha!

Anyways, today you will be reading clues that will lead you to something or a place. There will be four destinations that you will have to find. Good luck birthday man!

Here is your first clue to destination #1:

It is closer than you think. You have to access this place using your AUM ID, although you may not need to now.

You walk through this area in order to get to your room.

Once you find the place, look for me. I live in something blue. I am a twisted little thing and I live with my twisted brothers and sisters.

I am very popular and people enjoy my company.
Please find me before it's too late!!!!!!

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