More Home Poem Clues

white cartoon house

We've added some more home
poem hunt clues at the request
of our visitors.

See our main home poem clues
page for instructions and a
dozen more clues for hiding
locations such as the shower,
mailbox, refrigerator, tv,
washing machine and more.

New Home Poem Clue List

When your tummy starts to whine
And it just won’t be quiet
Get something from this chilly box
And you will satisfy it

Answer to the above clue: Refrigerator

This house is one that many
little girls have dreamed to own,
To hold their famous curvy doll,
her furniture, clothes, and phone.

Answer to the above clue: Barbie Doll House

Towels, sheets, and tablecloths
are often found in here.
Open the door and search the shelves;
your next clue should appear.

Answer to the above clue: Linen Closet

You’ll find this storage place along
a narrow aisle indoors.
It’s mostly used for coats and shoes,
but sometimes so much more.

Answer to the above clue: Hall Closet

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