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When planning your next evening scavenger hunt, consider a glow in the dark scavenger hunt. There are small tubes and/or bottles of glow in the dark paint available in Walmart's craft department or at many craft stores. I've even found some at the dollar store on occasion. The paint hardly shows when you put it on, so test your items in a dark room before you hide them to see how they look and to be sure they've had enough exposure to light.

Here are just a few ideas to get your creativity and imagination to work.

  • Paint and Hide Objects
    Paint several small objects like a penny, a ruler, an apple, etc. with glow-in-the-dark paint.
    Allow the items time to dry and to get plenty of exposure to light.
    Make a list to hand out, hide the items and invite your guests to find them at your designated location in a specified amount of time.

  • Paint and Find Symbols
    Paint small symbols like a flower, a letter, a star, a triangle, etc. on various large items around your yard or venue and have your guests try and find where these symbols are located. Give your guests a list of the symbols the need to look for and have them write down on what object these symbols are located (eg. heart symbol is located on the swimming pool).

  • Scrambled Letters
    Paint letters on several different objects around the yard which spell a clue or secret word that the teams have to find the letters for and unscramble. Depending on the age of the participants, you might want to tell your guests how many total letters they are looking for. A good idea is to spell a location where a treat or fun activity is awaiting them.

  • Money Paint and Find
    Paint different denominations of coins and have teams collect a specified amount of money. This will add an extra dimension, since the winner won't necessarily be the team that finds the most coins but the team that finds a total of $5.00 first (or whatever amount you choose).

  • Glow in the Dark Prize Find
    If your budget allows and you don't feel like painting, purchase numerous glow in the dark items (eg. bracelets, erasers, balls, tape - available at most dollar stores, novelty stores or party stores). Make up a list, assign a point value for each item and start your hunt. As a bonus, let the teams keep what they find.

Glow in the dark items can be seen everywhere, from concerts to amusement parks, flea markets to your local department store. Whether you choose to use one of these ideas or make up one of your own, know that glow in the dark paint and accessories are always a fun party addition.

Interested in taking this party idea a step further? Have glow in the dark makeup available for your guests to paint their hands and faces. It's fun to see everyone glowing as they're searching for hidden items in the dark.

Remember... Play safe! Have Fun! Try something new!

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